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Find Good Deals Around! Singapore

July 25, 2011

Around! is a new iPhone app launched in Singapore that helps mobile users find good deals nearby. Save yourself 20% off that yummy Spinelli coffee, with a flash of your iPhone!

around deals singapore


Around! Registration is using Hoiio SMS API

Wondering what has this news got to do with Hoiio?

This is because Around! is using our SMS API in part of their registration process! The developers of Around! has chosen a convenient way of registration via mobile number. By sending an SMS with a verification code, the app can verify the user on the phone.

This post also marks the first app that Hoiio is showcasing. If you are using Hoiio API, please share with us at We love to hear your story!


Integrating SMS API is Easy

Around! is a good example making use of Hoiio API to easily integrate into an app. The SMS capability was achieved with only a few lines of code. If you are looking to integrate an SMS solution, you may refer to our source code on a 2FA SMS authentication example.

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New Feature: SMS API with Rebranding

July 21, 2011

We have rolled out a new feature for SMS API.

You can now change the sender name of an SMS to any alphanumeric! That means, an SMS sent will show it is from “whatever alphanumeric you specify”.

We take an example of Nike doing an SMS marketing campaign to see how that helps. In an SMS marketing campaign, thousands of SMS are sent to Nike’s customers. The SMS sent usually shows that it comes from a phone number. As the customer probably don’t store the phone number in his phonebook, it is displayed something like +6512345678. With SMS Rebranding, Nike can choose to display its brand name “NIKE” as the sender name, and that helps the customer to recognize who it is from instantly.

To use this feature,

1) Login to Hoiio Developer Portal and request to use Sms Rebranding
2) Use the SMS API, with an extra parameter “sender_name”

Oh, did we mention this additional feature does not come with extra charges?

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Welcome to Hoiio Developer Blog!

July 18, 2011

Hello! This is our first post on Hoiio Developer Blog!

We are excited to share with you everything about Hoiio API and development tips.

Everything includes announcement of new APIs, tutorial in creating an awesome SMS/Voice app, discussion on what you can do with our telephony APIs, sharing of apps created by you, etc…

If you have a topic that you think should be written on this blog, please send us an email at

Look out for this space. You might also want to add us your favorite RSS reader.

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