Find Good Deals Around! Singapore

July 25, 2011

Around! is a new iPhone app launched in Singapore that helps mobile users find good deals nearby. Save yourself 20% off that yummy Spinelli coffee, with a flash of your iPhone!

around deals singapore


Around! Registration is using Hoiio SMS API

Wondering what has this news got to do with Hoiio?

This is because Around! is using our SMS API in part of their registration process! The developers of Around! has chosen a convenient way of registration via mobile number. By sending an SMS with a verification code, the app can verify the user on the phone.

This post also marks the first app that Hoiio is showcasing. If you are using Hoiio API, please share with us at We love to hear your story!


Integrating SMS API is Easy

Around! is a good example making use of Hoiio API to easily integrate into an app. The SMS capability was achieved with only a few lines of code. If you are looking to integrate an SMS solution, you may refer to our source code on a 2FA SMS authentication example.

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