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Voice Polling: Who is the cutest presidential candidate?

August 23, 2011

We recently develop a voice broadcast demo app to showcase what our upcoming API  can do. To spice up the demo, we have chosen to use the recent Singapore Presidential Election as an example.

The result is a voice polling app that ask: “Who is the cutest presidential candidate?”.

Current results:

Some technical details on how we create the app:

  • Developed within 3 hours
  • PHP is used to code the web app
  • Hoiio Voice API is used to call the phone numbers
  • Hoiio IVR API (upcoming) is used to gather DTMF responses
  • Hoiio Number is provided for users to dial in and vote (call 6602 8084 from your phone)
  • Google Chart Tools is used to present the result

Try the app, and let us know who you think is the cutest! :)

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Making a Phone Call for non-developers

August 16, 2011

Our Voice API easily let developers dial out 2 numbers, and connect them together for a phone conversation.

For non-developers, don’t be frightened by our use of API. It is actually very easy to use, and I am going to show you how in 3 steps.


1) Register Hoiio

If you have not, register for Hoiio first. Don’t worry, it is free.


2) Create and get  your app id

Create an app from the developer portal. When you create an app, you will be given an App ID and  Access Token (screenshot).


3) Enter URL  into your browser

Gather these 4 pieces of information

  • app_id: From step 2
  • access_token: From step 2
  • dest1: Your phone number
  • dest2: The phone number to call

Assuming your phone number is +6590000000 and you are calling +6590000001, the API will look like the following

Edit the URL with your 4 pieces of information, then copy & paste into your web browser.

Tada~ The phone call will be connected.

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Free $10 Credits

August 14, 2011

We are giving out $10 credits to any new developer who sign up!

There is only 1 simple thing you need to do:

Email and share with us how you intend to use our API

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Mashup: Google Spreadsheet + SMS API

August 08, 2011

If you do bulk SMS marketing, and stores all the mobile numbers in an excel spreadsheet, then this mashup app would be very useful for you.

SMS Spreader

With this spreadsheet, you can easily manage your SMS marketing, and send them out right from the Google spreadsheet!

To use, open this Google spreadsheet template and make a copy (File > Make a copy). As this mashup uses our SMS API, you have to create an app, obtain your app ID & access token, then plug them into the Settings sheet.


How was this mashup created?

This mashup was created using 2 APIs:

  1. Google Spreadsheet – Every SMS message can be added into the spreadsheet (each row is 1 SMS). Using Google Apps Script (a server side Javascript technology), every row is read, processed and a SMS sent out. The delivery status of the SMS is then retrieved using a cron job, and the status is updated automatically.
  2. Hoiio API – Hoiio provides the SMS API. Sending SMS is simply making a HTTP request using UrlFetch Services.

The code is open sourced and can be accessed by Tools > Script editor (see screenshot below). The code is categorized into:

  • Hoiio API – functions for hoiioSendSms and hoiioCheckSmsStatus
  • Template – boilderplate code for replacing eg. ${“NAME”} in the Message cell with the value in Name cell
  • App – Application specific logics. The functions for the menu “Send SMS” and “Update Status” are written here. It includes reading the Settings sheet for configuration, and reading every row for the SMS to send.

Download SMS Spreader


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