Guidebnb = Airbnb for Local Guides

October 20, 2011

In the last post, we pay compliment to the winning app from THack – Where-Is-My-Travelling-Parents

This post, we want to pay compliment to the app that the Hoiio Team created!

Yeah, we did not just provide API, but also participated in hacking an app.

In that 24-hr, Yew Meng and me created Guidebnb, an app that helps you find a local guide to travel with. This is an Airbnb for local guides! You can try out Guidebnb with your Facebook account right away, or read more for details.


How to use Guidebnb?

  • Register using your Facebook account (we will auto set your city, gender, age)
  • Enter your phone number (for travelers to reach you on your phone)
  • Enter your preference as a traveler (what kind of tour guide you want to hook up with ?)
  • Enter your preference as a local guide (what kind of traveler you want to hook up with ?)
  • Save changes!
  • When you travel to a city, for example Singapore, call this local number +6565918703, and press “1″ to connect to a random local guide!

Also helps you find nearby hotels

  • Finding nearby hotels is another function that the app provides
  • When you call the local number +6565918703, you can press “2″ to search for the nearest hotel!
  • A list of hotels will be read out to you. You can either send an SMS to yourself with the hotel information, or press “1″ to transfer to the hotel receptionist.

Three APIs were used

  1. Facebook for social profile
  2. Expedia for hotel search
  3. Hoiio for SMS and IVR
Once again Hoiio APIs are put to good use :)
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