Where-Is-My-Travelling-Parents Wins THack Singapore

October 19, 2011

2 weeks ago, we announced THack, a 24-hour travel hackathon to be held in Singapore. The hackathon concluded with Where-Is-My-Travelling-Parents emerging as the winner!

Where-Is-My-Travelling-Parents is an app that helps to notify family members on the whereabouts of a traveller. The idea is pretty awesome as there is NOTHING that the traveler, nor his family, needs to do. Look at the parties involved here.

The family members are notified automatically in these 2 ways:

  • When the flight landed, they are notified. OAG API is used to track the live flight information.
  • When the tour group reached a destination, the tour leader will “check in” by making a phone call, and this trigger the notification. This is made possible using Hoiio IVR API!

The SMS notifications are, of course, sent using Hoiio SMS API.

For more details, watch how the app works.

4 out of 6 apps used Hoiio API

We are also proud to say that Hoiio API has proved to be a very valuable API for the hackathon. Out of the 6 apps presented, 4 were using Hoiio API (there were 9 APIs to choose from)!

And the winning app fully make use of both our IVR and SMS capabilities.

“Simple to use” is one of the key reason why developers choose us.

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