IVR API Released!

November 01, 2011

Well, to be exact, we have released IVR API for over a month!

We have been quiet about the release, but we are all excited to tell you everything about it now :) 


What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Responses. It is most commonly seen in customer hotlines, where you call a number and interact via the phone.

Hoiio’s IVR API is a set of API for creating IVR system that interacts with users through a phone call.


What is unique here?

The standard way to create an IVR system is to buy servers, install PBX software such as Asterisk, hook up to VoIP gateways, and lastly, code your dial plans ..

What is unique here is that Hoiio is providing a simple IVR API, and all wrapped in RESTful APIs that web developers are familiar with.

In other words, instead of spending months to learn and develop via the standard way, you can write an IVR app with Hoiio in 10 minutes!

Now, any web developers can create an IVR app!


So, what can I create?

With Hoiio’s IVR API, you can create telephony apps such as:

  • Customer Hotline
  • Office Extension
  • Call Screening
  • Phone Polling
  • Voice Broadcast
  • etc..

You can also consider extend your existing apps to support the app over a phone call! For example, it would be nice to find hotels/flights/cafes/buses over a phone call :)

As we speak, some apps are already developed using Hoiio’s IVR API, such as Where-Is-My-Travelling-Parents, Guidebnb and Who-Is-The-Cutest.

To get started, head over to IVR API documentation now!


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