Writing a Call Conferencing App is Never Easier

November 23, 2011

Conference Call Made Easy

We are excited to announce another new telephony API – Call Conferencing!

It used to be very tedious to develop communication apps, with call conferencing being one of the hardest. Some developers choose to buy off-the-shelf solutions. However, that often doesn’t do what they want, and customization/integration is usually not possible.

But now with Hoiio API, it is a breeze!

Hoiio now provides multi-party conferencing API, in addition to the existing 1-to-1 call back API. With just one line of code, you can connect multiple people!


Conferencing Demo

Try out our conferencing demo now, which is FREE to try! You can call up to 8 persons and chat altogether!

We are also providing the source code to help you get started.

NOTE: The demo uses one common conference room, so you could be in a conference with strangers. This demo will run for a week, until 29th Nov 2011, 11:59 pm. 


New APIs

There are 2 changes to support conferencing.

  1. Call Conference API (new!) – This will make outbound calls to multiple phones, and put them in a room.
  2. IVR Transfer API (changed) – Transfer API now accepts “room” as a “dest”, using a URI schema. For example, you can transfer an inbound call to a conference room by specifying “dest=room:R1234″, where R1234 is the room ID.
Both APIs use the concept of (conference) room. So if you put 5 calls into the same room, they can hear and talk to one another.
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    We have simplified difficult-to-implement services. Now it’s as simple as blending fruit juices. Blend yours today!