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Record Voice Messages Over The Phone

December 27, 2011

We have released a new IVR feature – Record API!

With Record API, developers can now use this new middle block in an IVR call flow. After a voice message is recorded, Hoiio will pass the URL of the recording (via the record_url parameter) to your web server via notifications (specified in your notify_url parameter). Refer to the documentation for the details.

If you have wanted to create a voicemail system, now is the time with Hoiio.

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Price DROPPED to 3.2 cents per SMS! (Singapore only)

December 21, 2011

We have dropped Singapore SMS pricing from $0.045 to $0.032 (SGD)!

This is a 30% price drop, and puts us as the cheapest SMS API provider in Singapore! Don’t believe? Check out other Singapore SMS API providers such as:

Using Hoiio SMS API, sending SMS to Singapore now cost just 3.2 cents (SGD) or 2.5 cents (USD).

Why we dropped SMS pricing?

We are going through a series of price reviews, and our goal is to set very competitive prices for every country. We will no longer adopt a single flat price for SMS (currently, it is 4.5 cents to most countries). Instead we are going to price differently for every country.

What to expect in the future?

Singapore is the first country that we have reviewed SMS pricing. All other countries would follow suit in the days to come – Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, US, India, etc.

Voice pricing will be reviewed similarly too.

Is this a one-off promotion for Christmas?

No, this price drop is permanent. It just so happened that we announced the news during this festive season.

Nonetheless, to all developers, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

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Hoiio Wins in NTU Ventures’ National Hackathon

December 19, 2011

Over 48 hours, 20 teams participated in 48hacks, a national hackathon organized by NTU Ventures.

Hoiio took part, and I am proud to announce we have emerged Top 5!

We created Hoiio Wave, a device to keep drivers safe on the road. Here is an awesome 3min video showing how Hoiio Wave works.

In this hackathon, there are 2 requirements – developers have to use Arduino and Mindwave.

We added 1 more requirement for ourselves, that is to use our very own Hoiio APIs :) In the hack, call back API is used to make a call to the spouse of the driver, while IVR API is used for anyone to call a number and find out the driver’s current attention level.

This hack also demonstrated that our RESTful API can be programmed in any environment. For this hack, the Arduino WIFI host shield is the actual hardware calling our RESTful API.

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Mr Brown Podcast Over The Phone

December 06, 2011

We announced custom recordings yesterday, and today, we would like to show you an awesome use case.

We have created an app where you can call with your phone, and listen to Mr Brown’s podcast over the phone (we have chosen SIMI podcast)! The number to call is:

+65 6602 8104

All that we do is use Transfer API, and set the msg as such:

This is a Mr Brown podcast over the phone, powered by hoi yo API. <url></url> This podcast is powered by hoi yo API.

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Play MP3 Over A Phone Call With Custom Recordings

December 05, 2011

We have released yet another new feature!

Now, you can play custom recordings in .mp3, .wav or .gsm format. This means you can record your own voice, or sing a wonderful song, and play them over a phone call.

How to use

All “msg” parameter now accepts a URL, using a <url> markup. This affects all IVR APIs that have “msg” parameter, such as Play.

You can also mix URL with text. For example, the following will play the text (synthesized to speech), followed by the MP3.

Hello Jane! I am dedicating this song to you. Merry Christmas! <url></url>

You can also throw in Chinese or Japanese text!

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