Hoiio API Showcase: Drive.SG

February 24, 2012

Hey all drivers.

Will like to introduce you all to a new online service for Car Rental. We all know Car Rental, they operates in hard to reach places and sometime you travel all the way to rent a car and then find out that they are all rented out. And there is simply no easy way to compare and get the best deal. Cheers, we have now found the solution in Drive.SG, the friendly portal to find the best car rental deal for that special occasion.


I am also glad that they are using the Hoiio API to empower their products. To help enhance communication between drivers and car rental companies, DriveSG has integrated a series of automated SMS and Voice communication tools.

Hence, when you register for DriveSG, please ensure that your phone number is valid. With this phone number, DriveSG will be able to provide timely information on your car rental for you via SMS and phone calls. Cheers.

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