Sending SMS for non-developers

February 10, 2012

Our SMS API is so easy that even non-developers can put it to use, in just a few minutes.

In short, all you need to do is to form up an URL like this:

For non-developers, don’t be frightened by “API”. It is actually very easy, and I am going to guide you in the following 3 steps.

1) Register Hoiio

If you have not done so, register for Hoiio first. Don’t worry, it is free, and even comes with US$8 credits!

2) Create your App

Create an app from the developer portal. When you create an app, you will be given an App ID and Access Token (screenshot). Copy that down for Step 3.

3) Enter URL into your browser

You need to form up the URL. Gather these 4 pieces of information

  • app_id: From step 2
  • access_token: From step 2
  • dest: The phone number to send to
  • msg: The SMS message

If you want to send “Hoiio World” (msg) to +6590000000 (dest), the URL will look like the following:

Edit the URL with your 4 pieces of information, then copy & paste into your web browser.

Tada~ The SMS will be sent!

PS: This post is a follow-up to Making a Phone Call for non-developers..

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