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Hoiio API showcase: BiakiCRM

March 24, 2012

Hey friends,

Let’s welcome our first Vietnamese company using Hoiio API: Biaki, with its product is BiakiCRM.

BiakiCRM is a cross platform solution on the cloud to help small businesses manage customers information and relationships, gather all vital information in a single click with no limitation on accessing devices and busines model.

It’s a complete CRM system with highly flexible user interface where customer can modify to fit the business nature of the company.

Desktop interface

vforce interface

Features that BiakiCRM provides include:

  • Manage customers and customer relationships.
  • E-Office: help users schedule the work and remind, notify users.
  • SMS and email marketing
  • Social network within the company
  • … and lot more features

Moreover, BiakiCRM  provides access to the system through mobile phone. With its iPhone app (Android version is coming soon), business manager can manage the system on the go which helps to boost the productivity of the business.

We are glad that Biaki integrated Hoiio SMS API to strengthen their product. The API is used for sms marketing, user verification, group sms, sms reminder …

Their product is mostly used in Vietnamese, but they also have an English version. So do check out their product at

Cheers =)

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Hoiio API Wins Top Award at DEMO Asia 2012

March 03, 2012

We did it! 

Hoiio API has been voted by several hundred audience at DEMO Asia 21012, and awarded the People’s Choice!

As a result, Hoiio gets 20K USD of accelerator program in Silicon Valley, 200K USD media exposure, and a chance to pitch 6min in DEMO US! We are totally excited! Cheers!

“The Hoiio team has flair, too. They were smooth and fun on stage, showed some very clean code on the stage screen, and promised that it has more up its sleeve.”
Matt Marshall, VentureBeat

“More impressively Hoiio showed that their product works – proving how quickly a targeted mass sms can motivate a community of people.”
Kristine Lauria, SGEntrepreneurs


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