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WWDC Tickets Alert

April 27, 2012

Apple recently announced the dates for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and took just 2 hours to sell out.

This time, Apple released the tickets at slightly-less-than-godly hour of 5:30 a.m. Pacific Time Wednesday.  That means you are probably still be in bed, if you work in the Pacific time zone.

Not everyone lets Apple decide their fate.

Kudos to Hon Cheng, a developer who hacked up a WWDC alert that checks the Apple’s website every 1 minute. When the Apple website changes and opens up the ticketing, Hon Cheng uses Hoiio API to send him an SMS, plus a phone call!

Check out the video of the WWDC alert!

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Hoiio API is Launched in US

April 20, 2012

We made an announcement at DEMO Spring Conference, Santa Clara.

Hoiio API is officially launched in US.

And we launched with very cool pricing. Number cost just $1 per mth, voice call cost 0.8 cents per min, and SMS cost 1 cent.

That is very competitive pricing, the cheapest in US, and we have a reason for it.

In US, we are not the only telephony API in town. There are a few others, and the leader is Twilio. Be it Twilio or Hoiio, we solve the same problem for web developers – making it easy to build telephony apps.

At Hoiio, we are committed to making it easy and affordable to developers.

Not to forget, Hoiio supports Asia Pacific countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Singapore.

So if you are a developer looking to expand into Asia Pacific, Hoiio API will be your new best friend :)

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Showcase Sponsor at DEMO Spring 2012

April 17, 2012

After winning DEMO Asia, which was held in Singapore 2 months ago, we now fly 13,642 km to DEMO Spring, which will be held in Santa Clara from April 18-19.

This time round, Hoiio API will not be doing a 6 minute launch pitch, and will not be contesting for the $1 million grand award (too bad).. However, we are there as a showcase sponsor.

If you missed our 6 minute winning pitch during DEMO Asia, here it is:

We look forward to talking to you at the conference.

And if you are in the bay area, do give us a ping if you like to catch up!

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Hoiio API showcase: Abratable

April 04, 2012

Singapore is a food capital with restaurants serving food from around the world. With the huge variety of restaurants, it can be hard to pick one out. After you found the ideal place to eat, booking is a must at popular restaurants to ensure that you have a seat when you arrive. Abratable is a site that lets you search for restaurants in Singapore and then book it on the spot, all from within their site.

When you book a table, Abratable makes use of Hoiio API to send an SMS to the restaurant to notify them of your booking.

From what we have heard, they even have plans to integrate IVR and other voice services in the future.

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