Send SMS for New Urgent Ticket in Zendesk

May 21, 2012

Maybe you want to send off an SMS when an urgent ticket has been unattended for more than 48 hours. Or when a new urgent ticket arrives. Or when a ticket is tagged with “accounting” or contains the text “buy now”.

For this post, I will describe how you may integrate Hoiio SMS into Zendesk to achieve that.


Step 1 – Configure Hoiio Target

Login to Zendesk and go to Settings > Extensions > Targets and add a new target.

Select URL target from the list of targets.

Configure the target as such.

  • Title: Hoiio SMS
  • URL:
  • Method: POST
  • Attribute name: msg
Note: You must change YOUR_NUMBER, YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN accordingly. You may refer to how to get your Hoiio’s app_id and access_token.

Create the new target.


Step 2 – Configure Zendesk Trigger

Go to Manage > Triggers & Mail Notifications.

At this point, you can create/edit triggers according to your needs. For example, you can trigger when a ticket is tagged with “accounting”, or trigger when a new urgent ticket is opened.

We will illustrate for a new urgent ticket. So, click on add trigger.

Configure the action as such:

  • Under “Meet all of the following conditions”, add
    • Ticket is Created
    • Priority is Urgent
  • Under “Perform these actions”, select
    • Notify target Hoiio SMS
  • Customize the SMS message
    • URGENT: {{ticket.title}} received from {{ticket.requester}}

Create the new trigger.

Now, whenever a new urgent ticket is created on Zendesk, you will get an SMS!

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