SMS to Phone Chrome Extension

June 20, 2012

Good news!

We’ve created our first plugin for Chrome using Hoiio API: SMS to Phone.

At times, you might have read an interesting article and would want to share the link with your friends. You could have fire up your email  client, paste the link and send to your friends. However, that is not awesome because your friends will not get your message immediately.

Hence, here comes SMS to Phone, a convenient Chrome extension that helps you share website links through SMS.

It’s very easy and convenient to use. Just follow these few steps to get started:

  1. Install the Chrome Extension
  2. Register a Hoiio Developer account
  3. Create an application in Hoiio
  4. Paste the app_id and access_token of your application into the Account Settings and save

  5. When you want to share a website, click on the extension icon (the blue icon) and share!

Additionally,  we shorten your link so that you can squeeze more message within a 160 char SMS :).

So, add this extension  to your chrome and try it out today!
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