Hoiio API Showcase: Hastify

September 06, 2012

Hey friends in Singapore,

Ever wish for a way to skip the queue during the busy lunch hour? Well, Hastify FastPass promises just that.


Hastify is a Singapore based Tech Startup focusing on F&B innovations. Their first product, FastPass, is e-ordering solutions for restaurants to grow their lunch time sales. For users, the main appeal of the service is to skip the lunch queue and save time.

Here’s how it works.

Yup. Simple and cool service created by a brilliant team with communications powered using Hoiio API.

My sister loves shopping and works in the town area. Often, she will have sandwiches for lunch so that she can skip the lunch queue and spend the time shopping instead. I am introducing her to Hastify so that she can have both a hot meal and lunch-time shopping. Cheers =)

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Hoiio API Showcase: SubHunter

June 05, 2012

If you run a business and deal with part-time/temp/contract workers, you may often face a sudden manpower shortfall due to workers reporting sick in the morning.

When that happens, it is a sure recipe to make your blood boils as you scramble to find replacements.

Well, there is now an app to automate this task while you enjoy your hearty breakfast.


Let me introduce SubHunter, a neat app that calls your part-time workers on your behalf, fully automatically!

How’s how it works.

Yup. An interesting app created by a brilliant guy in Australia, using Hoiio’s Communication API.

Do check out SubHunter and try for free. Cheers =)

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Hoiio API Showcase: Around!

May 07, 2012

Hey all food lovers in Singapore,

Will like to introduce an iPhone App that rewards you whenever you craves good food =)

This app is named Around! and has recently been showcase in Digital Life as well as topped the charts on Singapore iPhone AppStore Lifestyle categories.

What makes them so good? Plenty of good food Around! =) Yummy!

Around! is one of the first startup using the Hoiio API to power up the communication aspects of their application. We are glad to have grown with them and wishes them all the best. Cheers.


PS: Do try out the fish in the picture. It is very yummy!

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Hoiio API Showcase: Drive.SG

February 24, 2012

Hey all drivers.

Will like to introduce you all to a new online service for Car Rental. We all know Car Rental, they operates in hard to reach places and sometime you travel all the way to rent a car and then find out that they are all rented out. And there is simply no easy way to compare and get the best deal. Cheers, we have now found the solution in Drive.SG, the friendly portal to find the best car rental deal for that special occasion.


I am also glad that they are using the Hoiio API to empower their products. To help enhance communication between drivers and car rental companies, DriveSG has integrated a series of automated SMS and Voice communication tools.

Hence, when you register for DriveSG, please ensure that your phone number is valid. With this phone number, DriveSG will be able to provide timely information on your car rental for you via SMS and phone calls. Cheers.

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Hoiio API Showcase: SmartInsurance

February 07, 2012

Hey all drivers.

Will like to introduce you all to the Smart way to renew your car Insurance. Recently, I have also use this service to get new quotations for my 3 year old Kia Cerato Forte. And the offering is pretty good and the service is great. They even have a cute lady with a nice voice calling me at the end of the day to ask me if I needed any further help on my car insurance renewal =) Personal and Cool.


I am also glad that they are using the Hoiio API to empower their products. You see, to prevent the cute lady from losing her coolness and her nice voice, they have also setup a Number Authentications systems to filter the real human buyers from all the noises on the Internet. Pretty cool trick =)

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Hoiio API Showcase: TaskAmigo

February 06, 2012

Hey Cool Guys and Gals,

Just learned a new word (Amigo) and a new Service (TaskAmigo) today. Accordingly to Google, Amigo is Spanish for friends. Hence, TaskAmigo is a service to find friends to help you complete tasks. Need to clean the toilet? No problem, TaskAmigo is here to help. This service is currently under Beta. Do check it out.


One would wonder. How does TaskAmigo coordinate all the tasks real time between the People who need help and the Amigos? Well, they just signed up for Hoiio Cloud Communication API and we feel excited to be part of this new and cool service coming up. Cheers.

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