Hoiio + Wego API = FareHound

October 16, 2012

In the last 10 days, developers worked together to create travel apps for THack 2012.

Hoiio is an API provider for the competition. So is Wego, a travel search portal.

As well as being API providers, Hoiio and Wego also jumped into the fun of hacking!

Myself and Choon Kee from Wego teamed up to create FareHound – an SMS application to monitor airfare prices.

You can SMS flight search such as “SIN to SFO on Dec 25 with $1000″ to +65 8537 2489 (up for a limited time only).

For Developers:

FareHound is fully open source on github. It uses Typesafe Stack (Scala + Akka + Play! web framework).

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THack is Back to Singapore

September 27, 2012

Last year, Hoiio API is one of the API providers for THack, a travel hackathon.

This year, the annual event is back to Singapore, with a change in the competition format. Instead of a 24-hour code-without-any-sleep hackathon, you now have around 8 days to create your travel app.

If you are developer, come and show what you’re made of in Singapore.

Perhaps another winner will find Hoiio API useful.

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Hoiio API Showcase: Hastify

September 06, 2012

Hey friends in Singapore,

Ever wish for a way to skip the queue during the busy lunch hour? Well, Hastify FastPass promises just that.


Hastify is a Singapore based Tech Startup focusing on F&B innovations. Their first product, FastPass, is e-ordering solutions for restaurants to grow their lunch time sales. For users, the main appeal of the service is to skip the lunch queue and save time.

Here’s how it works.

Yup. Simple and cool service created by a brilliant team with communications powered using Hoiio API.

My sister loves shopping and works in the town area. Often, she will have sandwiches for lunch so that she can skip the lunch queue and spend the time shopping instead. I am introducing her to Hastify so that she can have both a hot meal and lunch-time shopping. Cheers =)

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Integrating with Zapier

September 04, 2012

Zapier is a service that connects web services easily (similar to ifttt).

For example, when you receive a new email on Gmail, you can send yourself an SMS using Hoiio. The 2 web services in this case are Gmail and Hoiio.

For a web service to work in Zapier, it must have an API. Of course, Hoiio API is good to integrate :)

It turns out Zapier is very easy to integrate. I spent less than an hour to get Hoiio SMS API working.

The rest of this post will cover how I add Hoiio as an app on Zapier platform, so if you simply want to use the service, head over to their website.


1) Setup

Register an account, go to their developer portal, and create a new app.


2) Authentication

Tell Zapier how Hoiio API authenticates.

  • Add app_id field
  • Add access_token field
  • Use API Key (Query String)
  • Set the Auth Mapping to
    {"access_token": "{{access_token}}", "app_id": "{{app_id}}"}


3) Actions

Tell Zapier what Hoiio API can do.

  • We provide SMS as an action
  • Add Message (msg)
  • Add Phone Numbers (dest)
  • Set URL route to

Note that we use Bulk SMS API so that we can accept sending to multiple phone numbers, separated by commas.


4) Touch Up with Scripting API

Up till this point, Hoiio should work in Zapier, except that Zapier only support Actions with POSTing JSON. For Hoiio API, we POST with query strings (not JSON), therefore it does not work.

Some APIs might not work with Zapier due to slight differences in API design. To solve that, Zapier creates a ingenious scripting API to manipulate the requests. It’s unexpectedly easy. Since Hoiio supports GET with the query string, I simply change the request method to GET.

var Zap = {
  sms_pre_write: function(bundle) {
    bundle.request.method = "GET";
    return bundle.request;

That’s it!

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Hoiio Wins SiTF Gold Medal for Cloud Solution, and also Judges’ Choice

August 31, 2012

Good news!

Hoiio scored a double at SiTF Awards 2012, clinching a gold medal for the category of Cloud Solution, and is also overall Judges’ Choice!

After winning  DEMO Asia People’s Choice 5 months ago, we are extremely proud to have won the Judges’ Choice this time round.

Hoiio API, it’s your choice :) Cheers!

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New: Record the Whole Conversation

August 06, 2012

We have added a new API to record the whole phone conversation!

Monitor is a new middle block that we have introduced to accomplish this. Once you have used the Monitor API in your call flow, you can continue with using other IVR APIs. When the call finally ends, you will get a notification, which will provide you the MP3 recording in “monitor_url”.

Following is the classic Customer Helpline example which we have extended.

PS: Don’t be confused by Record API, which is used for a one-off recording, like a voicemail.

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New Zealand Local Numbers Added

August 02, 2012

New Zealand’s local numbers is now available for developers.

This add our local numbers availability to 6 countries.

  1. US: $1
  2. Singapore: $4
  3. Hong Kong: $4
  4. Vietnam: $4
  5. Australia: $4
  6. New Zealand: $4

All prices is for per month subscription, denoted in USD.

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Source Code of SMS-to-Phone (Chrome Extension)

July 16, 2012

We have open sourced the chrome extension that was released last month.

SMS-to-Phone is a convenient chrome extension to share a website link via SMS. The technology used are Javascript, HTML, and Hoiio API. It was also ProgrammableWeb Mashup of the Day!

If you interested in the source code, head over to github.


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Go to Voicemail when Transfer Fails

July 10, 2012

We have improved the Transfer API so that you can continue to control the call if the transfer is unsuccessful.

Some of you are using the Transfer API end block to transfer an IVR call to a phone number. However, in the event that the line is busy or the recipient does not answer, there is nothing else you can do.

You have told us that you would like to have control of the call after an unsuccessful transfer, such as sending the call to a voicemail. Now we provide you a way to re-wire the call flow to any middle or  end block! You can use Record API for voicemail, Gather API to ask for another number, or Transfer API to transfer to another number.. It’s up to you!

How to do that?

There is a new request parameter “on_failure” added to Transfer API. You can specify “hangup” (the default) or “continue”. If you choose to continue, you can issue another Middle or End block eg. Play, Gather.

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Send and Receive Fax with Hoiio API

June 22, 2012

Still using a fax machine because you have to deal with business partners that only accept faxed documents? Now you can build apps that can send/receive fax using Hoiio’s Fax API.

Developers can use the new Fax API to send fax to over 200 countries, and also to receive fax via Hoiio numbers. We support  sending/receiving fax using PDF format. Note that in order to receive fax, you have to configure your Hoiio number and set the mode to “fax”.

The rates for our Fax API is the same as our Voice API – by per minute usage. You can check the cost of sending/receiving fax using our rate API or from our pricing page.

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