Setup Your Company Directory with the free Google App Engine

November 05, 2012

Following our last PHP sample code, this time we are publishing a sample code using Java on Google App Engine.

Company Directory is a telephony application that let callers connect to company phones by keying an extension. You can find the full source code on github:

A screenshot of how you can configure your company directory after setting up:

Company Directory Webpage

We are using the awesome + free + reliable Google App Engine (Java) as the web server. Also Twitter Bootstrap. And of course Hoiio API.

Go ahead and fork the repository, and perhaps add new features such as Voicemail.

But if all seems too troublesome, how about trying Hoiio Main Line app for $5?

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Mashup: Google Spreadsheet + SMS API

August 08, 2011

If you do bulk SMS marketing, and stores all the mobile numbers in an excel spreadsheet, then this mashup app would be very useful for you.

SMS Spreader

With this spreadsheet, you can easily manage your SMS marketing, and send them out right from the Google spreadsheet!

To use, open this Google spreadsheet template and make a copy (File > Make a copy). As this mashup uses our SMS API, you have to create an app, obtain your app ID & access token, then plug them into the Settings sheet.


How was this mashup created?

This mashup was created using 2 APIs:

  1. Google Spreadsheet – Every SMS message can be added into the spreadsheet (each row is 1 SMS). Using Google Apps Script (a server side Javascript technology), every row is read, processed and a SMS sent out. The delivery status of the SMS is then retrieved using a cron job, and the status is updated automatically.
  2. Hoiio API – Hoiio provides the SMS API. Sending SMS is simply making a HTTP request using UrlFetch Services.

The code is open sourced and can be accessed by Tools > Script editor (see screenshot below). The code is categorized into:

  • Hoiio API – functions for hoiioSendSms and hoiioCheckSmsStatus
  • Template – boilderplate code for replacing eg. ${“NAME”} in the Message cell with the value in Name cell
  • App – Application specific logics. The functions for the menu “Send SMS” and “Update Status” are written here. It includes reading the Settings sheet for configuration, and reading every row for the SMS to send.

Download SMS Spreader


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