Numbers for 6 New Countries

January 07, 2013

We have added local phone numbers support for 6 more countries:

  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Israel
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sweden

If you follow our blog closely, you should know the above “commit” can be found on Github.

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United Kingdom Numbers Now Available

November 29, 2012

We have added local phone numbers for United Kingdom.

Developers can now purchase UK phone numbers at $2 (USD) per month.

The UK numbers are capable of receiving phone calls via our IVR APIs, so start making use of them if you have a local service in UK!

Photo Credits: Eurovision

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Subscribe to Numbers via New APIs

February 13, 2012

Subscribe to Hoiio Numbers so that users can call-in to your application.

For users to call your application, you will need to provide them a Hoiio Number. Previously subscribing to a Hoiio Number has to be done manually via the Developer Portal, now we have added APIs that let your application subscribe Hoiio Numbers automatically. This means you can now subscribe to Hoiio Numbers on the fly and create applications where each user can have their own Hoiio Numbers!

The process of subscribing to a Hoiio Number is as follows: you first ask for a list of available Hoiio Numbers for a certain country, then tell us the number you want to subscribe to. You can extend an existing subscription by subscribing again.

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Added Australia Inbound Numbers

January 03, 2012

Log in to Hoiio portal today, and you will notice that we have added Australia numbers!

If you are an Australian developer looking to create IVR apps, get your number today!

With this new addition, Hoiio now has inbound numbers from 3 countries – Singapore, Hong Kong & Australia! Let us know if there is other countries that you need to build your app.

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