Hoiio Pricing is all on Github

December 03, 2012

Today, we are taking a bold step towards pricing.

Hoiio API Pricing is now pushed onto Github, with version control, and fully transparent! Call it “open source”, if you like!

By going to our Github repos, you can

  • browse the comma delimited CSV files,
  • download all the pricing in all the 6 currencies we support,
  • watch the repos and get notified when we make any changes,
  • check out the changes (such as lowering of costs!)
  • comment on our commits,
  • and even fork, change, and push, if you felt the prices are incorrect!

Cheers to Github! It’s no longer just a tool for social coding.

As an example, let’s take a look at the last commit we did when we added support for UK phone numbers.

There were 12 changed files. The comment in the commit will tell you why we make the changes.

In Numbers-AUD.csv, it clearly shows an added line “GB, United Kingdom, 44, 2.1“.

(The phone number prefix for UK is 44, and the cost is $2.10 AUD)

You can also browse the tags, which we use as the date when that pricing is effective.

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Adding SMS Support to Rest of the World

February 08, 2012

We have added support for another 77 countries!

These are some countries that were added: Afganistan, Botswana, Haiti, Somalia, Puerto Rico, Tajikistan, Myanmar, etc.. you can also check out their pricing, using our revamped website.

With the new additions, you can now use SMS API to send to 277 countries! That is very likely all the countries that we can ever support. If there is any country that we are still missing, let us know.

But hey, I doubt it :)

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SMS Pricing Reviewed for 8 Countries

January 18, 2012

Recently we reviewed and dropped SMS pricing for Singapore.

In our continual effort to review SMS pricing, we are making changes to 8 countries today!

Country  Old Price (USD) New Price (USD) Change (%) 
US $0.035 $0.015 -57%
India $0.035 $0.016 -53%
Indonesia $0.035 $0.021 -39%
Vietnam $0.035 $0.025 -30%
Malaysia $0.035 $0.027 -22%
Thailand $0.035 $0.027 -22%
Hong Kong $0.035 $0.030 -14%
China $0.035 $0.064 +84%

As a result of the price review, 7 countries enjoyed a price drop! You can now SMS to US @ 1.5 cents, India @ 1.6 cents, Hong Kong @ 3 cents, etc..

On average, there is a 15% cost saving for developers! The only increase is sending SMS to China, which we raised to 6.4 cents to stay competitive.

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Price DROPPED to 3.2 cents per SMS! (Singapore only)

December 21, 2011

We have dropped Singapore SMS pricing from $0.045 to $0.032 (SGD)!

This is a 30% price drop, and puts us as the cheapest SMS API provider in Singapore! Don’t believe? Check out other Singapore SMS API providers such as:

Using Hoiio SMS API, sending SMS to Singapore now cost just 3.2 cents (SGD) or 2.5 cents (USD).

Why we dropped SMS pricing?

We are going through a series of price reviews, and our goal is to set very competitive prices for every country. We will no longer adopt a single flat price for SMS (currently, it is 4.5 cents to most countries). Instead we are going to price differently for every country.

What to expect in the future?

Singapore is the first country that we have reviewed SMS pricing. All other countries would follow suit in the days to come – Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, US, India, etc.

Voice pricing will be reviewed similarly too.

Is this a one-off promotion for Christmas?

No, this price drop is permanent. It just so happened that we announced the news during this festive season.

Nonetheless, to all developers, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

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