New: Record the Whole Conversation

August 06, 2012

We have added a new API to record the whole phone conversation!

Monitor is a new middle block that we have introduced to accomplish this. Once you have used the Monitor API in your call flow, you can continue with using other IVR APIs. When the call finally ends, you will get a notification, which will provide you the MP3 recording in “monitor_url”.

Following is the classic Customer Helpline example which we have extended.

PS: Don’t be confused by Record API, which is used for a one-off recording, like a voicemail.

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Record Voice Messages Over The Phone

December 27, 2011

We have released a new IVR feature – Record API!

With Record API, developers can now use this new middle block in an IVR call flow. After a voice message is recorded, Hoiio will pass the URL of the recording (via the record_url parameter) to your web server via notifications (specified in your notify_url parameter). Refer to the documentation for the details.

If you have wanted to create a voicemail system, now is the time with Hoiio.

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