You will never “forget” to send that SMS, with txtot

September 17, 2013

txtot is an app that helps to send scheduled SMS.

Quoting from lifehacker:

Perhaps you want to text someone, but now isn’t the right time. It’s either too late, too early, you know they’re busy, or you just want to catch them at the best time to ask. Txtot schedules those messages for later so you can compose them now and still remember to send them when the time comes.

Isn’t that useful?

Just last night, I asked my mum to help me run an errand at the bank the next day. As usual, she forgot about it. It’s my fault, as I should have sent an SMS to remind her.

Yet I forgot about it..

With txtot, I could simply schedule the SMS, and avoid the problem!


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Haze Alert

June 25, 2013

For Singaporeans facing the haze issue, this Python script will send you an SMS when the PSI crosses a certain threshold.

Now you don’t have to continuously look out of your window :)

Haze Alert is written by @qxcg, and uses the PSI API written by him as well.

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Warning: Dengue cases increased 300% this year

May 21, 2013

It was only when I spoke to the guys from x-Dengue that I understood Singapore has an ongoing dengue fever.

In 2012, the number of dengue cases was 4,632.

But in the first 5 months of 2013, there were already 7,000 dengue cases. That is around 300% increase!

It is an ongoing dengue fever, and we all have a part to play to protect ourselves, and our loved ones.

Firstly, you should know the dengue clusters. NEA has a map for that, but I prefer the one from x-Dengue that uses Google Map.

dengue map

You can also download x-Dengue iPhone app, and register your family members so that they will be alerted via SMS when they are in a dengue cluster.

Fight dengue. Stay heathy.

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Hoiio API Showcase: Hastify

September 06, 2012

Hey friends in Singapore,

Ever wish for a way to skip the queue during the busy lunch hour? Well, Hastify FastPass promises just that.

Hastify is a Singapore based Tech Startup focusing on F&B innovations. Their first product, FastPass, is e-ordering solutions for restaurants to grow their lunch time sales. For users, the main appeal of the service is to skip the lunch queue and save time.

Here’s how it works.

Yup. Simple and cool service created by a brilliant team with communications powered using Hoiio API.

My sister loves shopping and works in the town area. Often, she will have sandwiches for lunch so that she can skip the lunch queue and spend the time shopping instead. I am introducing her to Hastify so that she can have both a hot meal and lunch-time shopping. Cheers =)

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Hoiio API Showcase: SubHunter

June 05, 2012

If you run a business and deal with part-time/temp/contract workers, you may often face a sudden manpower shortfall due to workers reporting sick in the morning.

When that happens, it is a sure recipe to make your blood boils as you scramble to find replacements.

Well, there is now an app to automate this task while you enjoy your hearty breakfast.

Let me introduce SubHunter, a neat app that calls your part-time workers on your behalf, fully automatically!

How’s how it works.

Yup. An interesting app created by a brilliant guy in Australia, using Hoiio’s Communication API.

Do check out SubHunter and try for free. Cheers =)

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Hoiio API Showcase: Around!

May 07, 2012

Hey all food lovers in Singapore,

Will like to introduce an iPhone App that rewards you whenever you craves good food =)

This app is named Around! and has recently been showcase in Digital Life as well as topped the charts on Singapore iPhone AppStore Lifestyle categories.

What makes them so good? Plenty of good food Around! =) Yummy!

Around! is one of the first startup using the Hoiio API to power up the communication aspects of their application. We are glad to have grown with them and wishes them all the best. Cheers.

PS: Do try out the fish in the picture. It is very yummy!

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WWDC Tickets Alert

April 27, 2012

Apple recently announced the dates for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and took just 2 hours to sell out.

This time, Apple released the tickets at slightly-less-than-godly hour of 5:30 a.m. Pacific Time Wednesday.  That means you are probably still be in bed, if you work in the Pacific time zone.

Not everyone lets Apple decide their fate.

Kudos to Hon Cheng, a developer who hacked up a WWDC alert that checks the Apple’s website every 1 minute. When the Apple website changes and opens up the ticketing, Hon Cheng uses Hoiio API to send him an SMS, plus a phone call!

Check out the video of the WWDC alert!

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Hoiio API showcase: Abratable

April 04, 2012

Singapore is a food capital with restaurants serving food from around the world. With the huge variety of restaurants, it can be hard to pick one out. After you found the ideal place to eat, booking is a must at popular restaurants to ensure that you have a seat when you arrive. Abratable is a site that lets you search for restaurants in Singapore and then book it on the spot, all from within their site.

When you book a table, Abratable makes use of Hoiio API to send an SMS to the restaurant to notify them of your booking.

From what we have heard, they even have plans to integrate IVR and other voice services in the future.

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Hoiio API showcase: BiakiCRM

March 24, 2012

Hey friends,

Let’s welcome our first Vietnamese company using Hoiio API: Biaki, with its product is BiakiCRM.

BiakiCRM is a cross platform solution on the cloud to help small businesses manage customers information and relationships, gather all vital information in a single click with no limitation on accessing devices and busines model.

It’s a complete CRM system with highly flexible user interface where customer can modify to fit the business nature of the company.

Desktop interface

vforce interface

Features that BiakiCRM provides include:

  • Manage customers and customer relationships.
  • E-Office: help users schedule the work and remind, notify users.
  • SMS and email marketing
  • Social network within the company
  • … and lot more features

Moreover, BiakiCRM  provides access to the system through mobile phone. With its iPhone app (Android version is coming soon), business manager can manage the system on the go which helps to boost the productivity of the business.

We are glad that Biaki integrated Hoiio SMS API to strengthen their product. The API is used for sms marketing, user verification, group sms, sms reminder …

Their product is mostly used in Vietnamese, but they also have an English version. So do check out their product at

Cheers =)

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Hoiio supports Hack & Roll 2012

February 27, 2012

NUS Hackers organized Hack & Roll 2012 (a 24 hour hackthon from 19th Feb 1pm to 20th Feb 1pm) to encourage students to build apps that would benefit the NUS community. The Hoiio API team supported the event by offering a special signup for the participants so that they can use their free $10SGD credits without trial restrictions, i.e. they can use their credits to sms/call any number.

The following apps built during the hackathon made use of Hoiio API:

  • Geek Rave by team N-Team is a web app that allows students to show off their projects and have other students “rave” about it. When someone raves about your project, you’ll get an SMS notification.
  • Vigilance by Semantics3 is a mobile Android app that sends SMS alerts to parents when their child/ward is in a dangerous area.
  • Cab 2gether by team GiveUsPlaybooks! is application for people who want to share cabs.

Additional coverage and results of the event can be found at e27.

Edit: added links to blog post by Semantics3

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